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Help bring Street Feast to Woolwich Public Market

Do you live in Woolwich, SE18 or the London Borough of Greenwich?

We would like to open a street food day and night market in the former Woolwich Public Market on Plumstead Road, but we need your help to get a license. 

Please email us at woolwich@londonunion.com to say that you support the application for Street Feast at the Woolwich Public Market.

We will pass your comments along to the council to consider as part of their consultation on the new license. This closes on Friday 19th January 2018.

Thank you for your help – it will make a huge difference.


What to say

It’s best if you explain in your own words why you think Street Feast would be good for Woolwich. You could mention that we will bring to life an empty building; provide something new and different for the area, and create jobs for local young people.

To be counted, the rules say that your message must include your full home address, and also refer to one of these “licensing objectives”:

1. the prevention of crime and disorder – for example, the new market will provide light and activity overlooking the public space and bus stops on Plumstead Road, making it feel safer;

2. public safety – for example, the new market will have new security wardens patrolling the area around the venue;

3. prevention of public nuisance – for example, by creating a safe, well managed community venue, next to a busy and loud road (that will be a sound barrier for any noise) and with strict sound limits on any music, the market will not create a public nuisance;

4. the protection of children from harm – for example, Street Feast’s existing markets are very popular with families with children, and the market’s bars will all operate a “challenge 25” policy.