We Love Hackney

An update

THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the council’s licensing consultation.

The results are now in and they are overwhelming: 75% of Hackney residents said they were opposed to the council’s plans for a clamp down on the borough’s night time economy – bars, clubs, restaurants, music venues, night markets etc.

This includes:

• 77% against doubling the size of the Shoreditch “Special Policy Area”, where new licensed venues are effectively banned;
 84% against making new bars close at 11pm on weekdays and midnight at weekends, anywhere in the borough; and

 75% against closing outside areas at 10pm across the borough.

Following this incredible response, we are delighted that Hackney Council have put their plans on hold – for now.

Hackney’s proposed plans are a gift to big corporates. By forcing up the cost of getting a license, they will leave an area like Shoreditch as sterile and soulless as Leicester Square, forcing out anyone without deep pockets. Hundreds of us have taken a stand to keep Hackney diverse, independent and fun.

After local council elections this May, the future of Hackney’s nightlife could be one of the first things that our new councillors have to vote on.

You have the power to elect councillors who want to see Hackney’s nightlife remain diverse, independent and fun. We’ll be in touch soon with more details.

We Love Hackney is the largest resident group in the borough. We have already forced the council to delay their attack on Hackney’s nightlife twice. With your help, we will force them to back down for good.

Thank you, and watch this space…

We Love Hackney