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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Range

You can really feel the buzz for summer, with its endless promise of sunburned knees, reading 13.5 pages of a novel on the beach, and discovering super-refreshing new drinks.

So it’s just as well we’ve launched a brilliant new range of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey cocktails at Dinerama and Giant Robot.

Available until the middle of July, it’s a selection of invigorating serves designed to help you kick back. Enjoy these long and slow after a day at work, and even those “mandatory intranet training” sessions will seem like a distant memory.

And if you really need an icy hit as a pick-me-up, there’s a lemon slushy too.

Presenting the full line-up:

  • Honey Tonic: with grapefruit tonic and grapefruit
  • Honey & Still Lemonade: with lemon, peach, cane sugar, chilled water
  • New Jack Cooler: with lime, pomegranate, sparkling water
  • Bee’s Knees Highball: with lemon, orange, sparkling lemonade
  • Lynchburg Lemon Slushy: with lemon, orange liqueur (frozen)


Wait, there’s more: four of our traders – White Men Can’t Jerk (Dinerama), Babek Brothers (Dinerama), Secret Nicky’s (Model Market), and – have created all-new specials using Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey too, available now.

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