Sharing plates at Giant Robot

Giant Robot

Giant sharing dishes at Giant Robot

Fried chicken, dumplings and thali get supersized

Good things don’t always come in small packages. Sometimes they come in huge platters perfect for sharing – and our traders at Giant Robot have stepped up their sharing game.

At Thunderbird, tuck into a bucket of boneless fried chicken, piled on top of a mountain of fries and drizzled with their signature awesome sauce.

Raastawala’s Raasta-thali pairs dirty fries with “B&Bs” (Boras and Bhajas) and Chicken Tikka Dippas for a unique twist on London’s favourite dish.

Also stepping into the chicken ring is Black Bear Burger with their feasting tray including 20 chicken nuggets, a bed of fries, slaw salad, and a trio of buffalo, blue cheese and house sauces.

Finally, stop by Yum Bun for an epic sharing dumpling plate featuring their pick of steamed dumplings packed with original fillings and crunchy toppings.

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