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Next time you think a dish is lacking a certain something, instead of diving into the trusty “seasoning cupboard” (literally just salt), reach for the honey instead.

Our traders have absolutely nailed how to use its notes to create BBQ awesomeness. Four of them have created brand new dishes using Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, and they’re available from Fri 24 May at three of our markets.

There’s a HUGE span to the dishes, taking in the full majesty of chicken (fried strips, smoked, wings), as well as pork belly, deep-fried halloumi and peanut and honeycomb frozen custard.

Check out the full line-up:

White Men Can’t Jerk (Dinerama)

Southern Strips: crispy fried chicken strips with a Tennessee Honey BBQ sauce

Jack & Coke Pork Belly: slow-smoked pork belly marinated in Jack Daniel’s and coke, topped with Tennessee Honey BBQ glaze

Tennessee Honey Chicken: grilled smoked chicken with Tennessee Honey BBQ glaze.

Babek Brothers (Dinerama)

Honey Jack Halloumi Fries: deep fried halloumi, Tennessee Honey, smoked chilli flakes, yogurt, zatar, mint, pomegranate

Jumpin’ Jack Flash Kebab: Tennessee Honey chicken thighs, a sticky jack BBQ sauce, cabbage slaw and chilli mayo, topped with pickled onions.

Thunderbird (Giant Robot)

Tennessee Honey BBQ Wings: with Awesome Sauce, spring onion, and a pickle on the side

Secret Nicky’s (Model Market)

Jack’s Peanut & Honeycomb: American-style frozen vanilla custard blitzed with hot peanut butter cookie and Tennessee honeycomb caramel.

There’s a full range of super-refreshing Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey cocktails at Dinerama and Giant Robot too, which you can get excited about right HERE. 

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